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Pet Sitting


Going away on vacation and prefer your dog stays in his own home? I can come to your house and care for your pet there. While there I can also retrieve your mail, water your plants, change cat litter, and run minor errands. Relax while you’re away knowing your pet and home are being cared for.

Dog Walking


Dog walking is a great form of mental and physical stimulation for your dog. Not only do I take your dog for a walk, but also give your pet lots of attention and playtime . Regular walks can provide a healthy and happy lifestyle. Your dog will enjoy a nice 20 minute structured walk where we can work on walking appropriately on leash and basic leash manners. We will also work on anything you would like to improve while on a walk with your dog.

Check Ins


You know how excited your pet is when they see you after being away? This makes me as happy as your pet. A check in can mean so much to a pet even if you are not there for long. Any type of company and attention is so important to them. Knowing that your pet will get the care needed during the check in is very comforting to any owner.



Getting your dog to the groomer can be a challenge at times. We can help free up some of your time by transporting your pup to the groomer or other scheduled appointments. $2.50 per mile.